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Bfactory ONLINE COURSES for 2018

GMAT webinar

  • Course Fee : Rs. 15,000
  • Course Duration : 8 Weeks
  • Course Description : Customized learning webinar course for GMAT

Bfactory GMAT course is the best concept learning module for GMAT. The course is meant for those students who want to improve section wise by learning the key insights into solving each section. The lead trainers are aptitude experts led by two IIM Ahmedabad alumni who have trained thousands of students for different MBA entrances.

  • 8 week customized preparation plan.
  • 1 solving sheet every day according to your plan. Total: 56 sheets.
  • Doubt clearing group for discussing the sheets.
  • 3 customized concept learning videos every week. Total: 24 videos
  • Problem solving – 7 webinars
  • Data sufficiency – 3 webinars
  • Sentence correction – 4 webinars
  • Reading comprehension – 3 webinars
  • Critical reasoning – 2 webinars
  • Doubt/Concept clearing – 2 webinars
  • Integrated reasoning – 1 webinar
  • Writing assessment – 1 webinar
  • College selection and application – 1 webinar

Webinars will be held on Tuesday (night), Thursday (night) and Sunday (noon) every week.

The course is designed to make sure that a candidate who goes through the course will be in a good frame of mind and knowledge to compete with the world! Join now!