Why MBA is the best career option after B. Com.?

After B.com, MBA is the one of the best to choice for getting a masters degree. This will enhance your knowledge as well as will open up lots of opportunities in various sectors for a managerial profile. You can move to any sectors like banking, finance, automobile, IT, etc.

We have lots of B.com students who join Bfactory for CAT coaching. One student who stands out strikingly from this stream is undoubtedly Siddharth Modi. He joined for a one year program, and could be seen sitting in the classrooms doing self-study and getting his doubts cleared. With this committed approach, he did exceptionally well in CAT 2018, and as expected converted IIM Ahmedabad. In a conversation with him, he discussed the advantages he had in subjects like finance, economics, business studies, accountancy, which are key part of the MBA syllabus, compared to his peers from engineering and other backgrounds. The knowledge and expertise he had acquired in these subjects were helping him to perform well in his MBA.

MBA degree complements B. Com  and it has its own values and perks related in several ways:

  • A Commerce Graduate at least knows how and why an industry works and manages it’s finances. Doing an MBA is more suitable to work as a Manager in an industrial organization. A Manager is more useful to an industry than an Accountant
  • A  B. Com graduate having a prior knowledge of finance helps in pursuing finance as a major and you will definitely have an advantage over other students
  • Many courses in B.com are introduced with a vision to continue the higher studies according to the one’s interest and situation. (Say some would do MBA after some experience) If they have trained in investment, finance, retail or accounts, they may continue MBA with the specialization they may like to fit into.

Being a commerce student, you already have pre knowledge about what all going to be taught during MBA. So you need to see in which stream you find yourself comfortable and want to develop your career. For, B.Com, the options of MBA may be with finance, marketing even systems if some would have done B.Com with computer applications.

Uditya Narayan Jha


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