Why it makes perfect sense to pursue MBA after BBA?

If you want to do MBA then BBA + MBA is one of the best combination in today’s vastly growing corporate world. I’d recommend if you to go for BBA, first decide about the field or industry vertical you are interested in and then choose your career path for MBA.

Here at Bfactory, a major chunk of students are from the BBA course from different universities like BIT Lalpur, St. Xaviers, Marwari College, Amity, etc. As a faculty I have mentored quite a few of them for CAT. One of our students from Bfactory, named Surya Agarwal from BIT Lalpur converted GIM Goa to pursue her MBA. Recently on a visit to Ranchi, she visited our centre and I had a very insightful conversation with her regarding her studies. She told me how her graduation subjects in BBA were helping her in coping with the MBA syllabus at GIM Goa.

She pointed out that, the chief benefit of doing MBA after BBA can be summed up as:

  • The subjects taught in MBA are the detailed version of those of BBA. BBA had build the foundation suitable for MBA by including the basic business applications and administration processes and made the basic concepts clearer, thereby enabling students like her  to build a wider perspective.
  • Subjects that were in BBA is almost the same as those in MBA. It is just that it is more in depth and has a more professional approach.
  • During BBA, if one has developed some interest in a particular subject or area and wants to obtain an in depth knowledge about that, then MBA is the course one should take under one’s consideration.

In a nutshell, BBA is a management course or you can also say that it is the mini MBA. Through the BBA programs, students pursue business education and learn skills that help them pursue various management skills which they can further hone by doing Masters Course in management.

Gajendra Rathode

Faculty,Quantitative Aptitude


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