What not to do in CAT? #PART 1

This is the first post in the series.


CAT 2020 is approaching and there can be mixed feelings. You might be nervous as to how it’s gonna be that day or you might be a person who takes a chill pill. Whatever be the case, a little experienced help is always gonna be an add-on to your preparation.

Our team consists of members who give this exam every year and their experiences will be consolidated here. So we are just gonna list down a few pointers regarding what you should be avoiding as a CAT aspirant that might seem very basic but is gonna be really helpful. Thank us later :*

  • Not taking proper sleep the night before the big day

This goes without saying. Research has always shown how important it is to take our beauty sleep for our minds to be on their best behaviour. You may try progressive muscular relaxation to help you calm yourself and have a sound sleep. A lot of times due to examination anxiety we might cut off on the precious hours. You need to have a proper 8 hours sleep to relax your mind and body and stay active the next day. This will definitely enhance your performance. Remember to keep your phones away while trying to fall asleep as the light activates your mind and makes it difficult.

  • Not attempting any mock 

Giving a mock a day before the exam can prepare you for the big day. This is not to test your performance but to make you acquainted and to keep your mind active. You should maintain an environment of no distraction just like you are attempting the CAT exam. Do not use manual calculators and try to get yourself acquainted with the computer calculator just in case you need it. We would suggest you to attempt as many mocks as possible in the coming days to get used to the exam environment and time management.

You may download our app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.jarvis.bfact and access our mocks for practice.

  • Skipping the exam related instructions 

This might seem very trivial but never skip the instructions without giving it a read. Due to performance pressure, you might make minute mistakes that might cost you your seat.

  • Attempting just any question

Do not start solving just any question that comes in front of you. This is a common mistake that most of the aspirants make. If you know the question might require tedious calculations skip the question for later attempt. As CAT gives you equal weightage for all the questions, attempting more easy questions will fetch you greater marks.

We hope these points prove helpful to you and we will be back with more suggestions in our next blog. Stay tuned!


This is the first post in this series. The subsequent parts will be posted soon.


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