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Teachers’ day is around the corner. We learn so much in life! Life is a lot about experiencing new things, learning everyday and expressing ourselves to the world! In this journey, we are helped by some people who teach us learning how to learn. We seek guidance from experienced folks who have faced the ups and downs before and are willing to share it with us. We get inspired by those who hold our hands and help us walk through any mess around!

O Yes! I am talking about our teachers! We, at Bfactory have been a family of loving students and teachers for over a decade now. Also, we started Bfactory on Teachers’ day, 2011. We have a strong belief in teacher-student relationship and the role it plays in the good functioning of our society. We want to thank our teachers; let’s all take a moment to thank our teacher(s) 😊 It’s so important to express gratitude to the makers of our society, to our lovely teachers, who do such noble work.

We will make sure that these posts reach to the maximum audience in and around Ranchi and Bfactory fraternity of students, alumni and teachers! Let’s spread thankfulness and respect on the occasion of this teachers’ day.

Welcome to the Thank You Teacher campaign by Bfactory!

Campaign Rules

  1. Post a reel on Instagram thanking your 1 or 2 teacher(s) with a message. The message can be something that your teacher taught you, guided you or helped or motivated you in any way at any moment in life.
    1. Video length – Maximum 60 seconds
    2. Must mention – “Bfactory Thank You Teacher Campaign” in the message. It should be clear that you are participating in this digital gratitude campaign by Bfactory! – For example: You can start by saying, “ Hi, Happy to participate in the Bfactory Thank You Teacher Campaign”. And, then go on with your content. Or, you can say: “Hey friends, As a part of the Bfactory Thank You Teacher Campaign, I would like to thank all my teachers…..” etc. or so on. Or, you can put in a text that mentions the campaign. Your call!
    3. Video can include your video message with text, relevant audio or pictures – your call!
  2. Where to Post? – On your Insta Reels with proper hash tags. We will use these hashtags to search the posts and share it on official Bfactory Instagram and Facebook group as well! Also, candidates with top 3 reels (with most likes) will get amazon vouchers of Rs. 1000/- each & digital campaign success + participation e-certificates!
  3. Campaign timeline: 21st August, 2022 to 3rd September, 2022. You can post any day in the given time window. Top 3 likes winners (most likes till 4 pm, 3rd September) will be awarded on Teacher’s Day i.e 5th September, 2022 which also happens to be the 11th Foundation Day of Bfactory!
  4. Must Use Hashtags
    1. #BfactoryRanchi
    2. #TeachersDay
    3. #CATcoaching
    4. #Ranchi
    5. #ThankYouTeacher
  5. You can use a 1/2 line caption along with the Hashtags.

As we keep learning and growing together, let’s share love and regards 😊

Thank You Teachers!

Thank You Students!

Rahul Sir

Cofounder and Director, Bfactory

Alumnus, 09-11, IIM Ahmedabad

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