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Author: Rahul Anand, Cofounder, Bfactory

RC(GMAT Based)

Instructions: Read this Reading Comprehension in the same way that you will read it in CAT. This one is a short one!

Total words: 197 words

Expected reading time with central ideas: 2-2.5 minutes. Keep a stop watch clicking while you read and write. Note the real time taken. Try faster from the next Vlog if this one takes extra time. Practice makes perfect!

Write down 4-8 words central idea at the end of each paragraph. So, end of the reading, you should have 2 central ideas written. After completion, try out the Central Idea based question! Since there is a question here too, ideally, you can take up to 3-3.5 minutes for the total exercise. Finally, check out the video analysis.

Let’s begin reading……

Reading Comprehension passage:

Coral reefs are one of the most fragile, biologically complex, and diverse marine ecosystems on Earth. This ecosystem is one of the fascinating paradoxes of the biosphere: how do clear, and thus nutrient-poor, waters support such prolific and productive communities? Part of the answer lies within the tissues of the corals themselves. Symbiotic cells of algae known as zooxanthellae carry out photosynthesis using the metabolic wastes of the coral thereby producing food for themselves, for their corals, hosts, and even for other members of the reef community. This symbiotic process allows organisms in the reef community to use sparse nutrient resources efficiently.

Unfortunately for coral reefs, however, a variety of human activities are causing worldwide degradation of shallow marine habitats by adding nutrients to the water. Agriculture, slash-and-burn land clearing, sewage disposal and manufacturing that creates waste by-products all increase nutrient loads in these waters. Typical symptoms of reef decline are destabilized herbivore populations and an increasing abundance of algae and filter-feeding animals. Declines in reef communities are consistent with observations that nutrient input is increasing in direct proportion to growing human populations, thereby threatening reef communities sensitive to subtle changes in nutrient input to their waters.

Q. The passage is primarily concerned with

  1. describing the effects of human activities on algae in coral reefs
  2. explaining how human activities are posing a threat to coral reef communities
  3. discussing the process by which coral reefs deteriorate in nutrient-poor waters
  4. describing the abundance of algae and filter-feeding animals in coral reef areas

Video analysis of reading with focus on option elimination in theme based questions in CAT

Happy learning!
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