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In this series on VA, we share today a set of 5 Para Jumbles questions,the most frequently asked questions in the Verbal Section of CAT. The only change that has occurred in these questions is that options are no longer provided. You need to type in the correct sequence.

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A. Women had the vast majority of society’s child rearing because few other options were available to them.

B. During the feminist revolution of the 1970s, talk of inborn differences in the behaviour of men and women was distinctly unfashionable, even taboo.

C. Men dominated fields like architecture and engineering, it was argued, because of social, not hormonal, pressures.

D. Not so long ago, any career-minded researcher would have hesitated to ask such a question.


A. It is in everyone’s interests if the scope and possible loopholes in the law are examined

B.In this context, the case for Aadhaar is not helped when its legal counsel resorts to conspiracy theories.

C. Aadhaar is an important tool in improving India’s leaky public welfare system, but there is no case to make it mandatory for voluntary transactions between private parties.

D. The legislative foundation of Aadhaar is undergoing rigorous scrutiny in Supreme Court.


A.Records of war pensioners and, more importantly, the evidence they submitted to claim their war pensions, were held at a records store in Lancashire.

B .Even worse, in the case of ex-prisoners of war of the Japanese in the far east, there was invariably no medical record of injuries, disease or mistreatment, because the Japanese refused to allow captured military doctors to keep records.

C. In some cases, doctors had risked their own lives to keep records by using leaves from the prison hut’s roofs to make records, and these were used subsequently as the only evidence required to award a war pension.

D. In the 1980s, as the demands to reduce the amount of space taken up by paper records increased, a decision was taken to destroy any that hadn’t been accessed or looked at for decades.


A.Such analyses can reduce the risk that a lack of availability or procedures, negligence or a lack of knowledge will be a contributing factor in suicide.

B. Effective suicide prevention is based on the insight that suicide can be prevented.
Suicide prevention requires broad cooperation and coordination that transcend sectors between local, regional and national agents

D. The chain of events preceding a suicide should be examined through events analysis.


A. There are 134 billionaires resident in the country.

B. The luxury yacht marketis booming, while the average price of properties in Kensington Palace Gardens, west London, is more than £35m.

C. Last year, the fortunes of the wealthiest 1,000 individuals reached £658bn, a surge of 14% compared with the year before.

D. Britain is one of the richest societies that has existed in the history of humanity.


DB is a mandatory pair, as (B) provides the answer to what ‘such a question’ in (D) stands for. CA is another mandatory pair. (C) elaborates on the role of men and (A) states the position of women in the society of that period. The logically correct sequence would be DBCA.


(D) is the opening statement as it introduces the topic of how Aadhar is undergoing rigorous scrutiny in Supreme Court. (A) and (C) then elaborate on the importance of Aadhar for ceiling the public welfare system. (B) concludes the paragraph.


(A) is the introductory statement as it introduces the topic of records of war pensioners. (D) then further states how paper records were decided to be destroyed. (B) follows (D), as it highlights an even worse scenario by citing the case of Japanese ex – prisoners of war. (C) concludes the paragraph by elaborating on the information stated in (B). The logically correct sequence would be ADBC.


(B) introduces the topic of effective suicide prevention. (C) follows to describe the agents required for suicide prevention. DA then follows to complete the sequence. The correct sequence would be BCDA.


(D) is the opening statement as it introduces the main theme of the paragraph – Britain as the richest society in the history of humanity. (A) elaborates on this information, so DA form the first two statements continuing with further information is the statement (B). (C) concludes the paragraph. The correct sequence would be DABC


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