Micro Concept: Constant Product (Percentage Change)

A lot of times, we come across a situation when the product of two quantities is the same across two situations. For example, you have 100 rupees to purchase coconuts. The price per coconut is 25 rupees so you could buy 4 coconuts. But after some negotiation, the shopkeeper gives you 5 coconuts that mean price per coconut is lesser than 25. In both the situations, the product of price per coconut and number of coconuts is the same equals to 100.

{\color{Blue} Price (P) \times Number of Coconuts (Q)=100}

{\color{Blue} 25 \times 4=20 \times 5}

Knowing fraction equivalence of percentage can help a lot in solving such problems. Let’s understand this concept in detail through this picture:

Now, understand how to apply this concept through examples:


Now, you can easily solve questions based on this concept.

Happy Learning!!!

Nazish Hasan Kazmi

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