Micro Concept: Building Vocab through root word

The construct of the literature of a language begins with “letters”. When these letters are arranged in a proper sequence then make sense, these sequences are called words. The collection of all the words used in a language is called Vocabulary.
Nobody (not even Shakespeare) can claim that he/she knows complete English vocabulary. So, we should not make it our objective. For a career in management, one should be well versed with commonly used words in conversations and reports. Memorizing words can a daunting task but if understand the logic behind the constructions of the words, it can make our job easier. Most of the words are combinations of roots, prefix, or/and suffix. So knowing roots can be really helpful in learning new words and retaining them.

So today, we will learn some root words to improve our vocabulary.

Here is the first picture of the fundamentals of building vocabulary through root words, prefix, and suffix.














The following picture gives a few examples of root words and how to use them to learn more words.








Happy Learning!!!

Kamlesh Sir

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