How to crash crack CAT?

Article by Mr. Rahul Anand, CAT expert, IIM Ahmedabad alum.

Starting now? Not a problem. Let’s plan together!

Many students start CAT prep after May/June when their college ends or when they take the decision during work days. Crash prepping for CAT needs a good plan and strong commitment. In this prep article, I will run you through preparation plan and will share some pointers from my students who have made it to IIM A,B,C , XL.

Perfect planning is the first right step towards CAT.

Let’s assume that you have 20+- weeks left for your CAT exam and break your preparation plan into weekly levels.


Assessment: Assess your raw aptitude skills. Check out how good you are at the English, Maths and Reasoning parts by taking an open evaluation mock test. You can take the test by creating a free login on this site: Depending on your beginner’s performance, decide which section will you focus more or less on.

Start reading: Read a lot. Read from topics like Psychology, economics and many other CAT relevant topics. Try reading at least 30 minutes per day and do the central idea exercise alongside. Complete learning from these links right there in week 1

Plan your concept learning module: Decide on your topic wise method learning source and ratio of time that you would like to spend on each section. Let me explain each in details:

a) Source of learning: Can be books, can be an online video course(you can check this one out: , can be a top notch webinar course with my team and I (CAT 21 Live classes): or any other option that you find best for you.

b) Section ratio time: Was just interviewing two students of mine and see what they had to say on this!

Siddharth Modi (IIM Ahmedabad batch of 2019-21): “Being a Bcom graduate, I had lost confidence in Maths. So, in the starting weeks, I spent more time on Quants than the other sections combined”

Prerna Raj(IIM Calcutta batch of 2020-22): “Being a Forensic Science graduate, Maths did not come easy to me. English was my favorite. So, I decided to spend my daily study time in this ratio: QA(3): DILR(2):VA(1).

So, you see. Achievers know their strengths and in the beginning definitely spend more time on their weaknesses. I call it Section leveling activity.


VA: Continue the central idea based reading, start solving Reading Comprehension too. QA: Try getting a grasp over 2-3 topics. DILR: Try out a couple of structured and unstructured chapters in this section too. Try to get into rhythm basically. Feel the aptitude solving thing close!

By this time, you should have a regular weekday schedule.


Try to complete all major topics in this time duration. There are three things in priority here:

  1. All major topics covered: Check out this article for details:
  2. Topic and Section tests done
  3. Lots of revision as you study

You should take at least 2-3 mocks every month too during this period. Revise them well. Why take mocks along with syllabus coverage?

  1. Hey, it is aptitude after all. You can select and solve.
  2. Build the temperament to take a 3 hour online test.
  3. Learn to understand your accuracy skills.

Revise these mocks too. Make sure you do a proper mock analysis. You should go through this video once too:

Week 12-18: TEST and GROW TIME

This is the time when you should focus on mock test taking and analysis and revising all that you have solved till now. It is the time to grow confident with every passing test, with every question solved!

So, priority wise:

  1. Mock test(at least 4 a month) taking and analysis. Seek improvement from one mock to the other. Do a mistake pattern analysis of mocks and work on question types which are swinging against you in the exa hours.
  2. Previous year CAT papers ( at least 2017-18-19 both slots). QA possibly from 2000 onward. VA – VRC part from 2000 onwards.
  3. Keep half an hour aggressive speed reading going
  4. Revise all mocks, PY papers and all concept learning questions solved till now at least 2 times in this period. Revision holds the key.

The Final WEEKS(19-20): Go well dressed

Relax. Don’t take any mocks in the last week. Do this:

  1. 1 hour daily RC articles re-reading from CAT 2000 onward
  2. Rereading solution and analysis of all mocks and PY CAT papers taken
  3. Just a couple of hours of redoing your class/book fundamental sheets daily at a brisk pace.

Just believe that the CAT day will be your day! Go win champion!

Happy learning!
Rahul Sir
Teacher and Mentor for CAT, Bfactory
Quora profile:

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