How is Bfactory CAT coaching different?

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I don’t believe Bfactory CAT coaching is just different, rather I believe it is the only right way to go after online CAT. We haven’t created a new system with fictitious variables; we, at Bfactory have just solved the problems that CAT coaching segment has been facing ever since CAT got online; that was long back in 2009. CAT prep should be about on screen practice. It should be about learning question selection. It should be about one to one mind toning. Things old age institutes have never been able to address, master and scale. Let me explain point by point.


CAT is an exam of selection, speed and accuracy. If you look at CAT 2018, 33/100 question attempts with 100% accuracy would have taken you beyond the 90th percentile mark. 55/100 with full accuracy would have taken you to the 99th percentile. So, this means that you have the liberty of leaving questions! Rather, you should leave the difficult questions on the day and attempt the ones which you can solve immediately. This habit of spending less time on difficult questions – the “Let Go” skill needs practice. Even “Being accurate” is a skill that demands practice.

Now, most students keep preparing for CAT via sheets or books till may be 4-6 months before the exam. I mean,fine, books give you concepts and practice. But, then why not focus on developing speed, selection and accuracy in parallel?

So, this is the problem. Now, what has Bfactory done? – We have introduced a concept of daily tests – online Mon to Fri – 10 min with solution! The idea is to tone your mind the right way for CAT.

Take daily test. Do solution and analysis. Write down mistake patterns. Improve daily on the three variables – SPEED, SELECTION and ACCURACY. Become the test taking expert far in advance. My students at Bfactory take daily tests right from the day they join the institute. This is perfect mind toning! We provide them doubt clearing backup session with faculty team at the institute for daily tests. We even keep topic based class tests after topics covered in class. Regular testing holds the key to CAT learning. Concepts are of prime importance; but must I say; overrated.

2. MEMORY building:

Building process memory is the key to test success. This is the second most important thing that separates aspirants from experts. We have created a model where memory building for questions is enhanced multi-fold.

1. We divide a topic into question types
2. Then we train students on all methods possible to solve the question across varied levels of difficulty across types.
3. This method, which we call MULTI-CAT Training, helps students learn with confidence and remember process for long. You see a question and know 4 methods to approach it – horizontal learning is the key! Thousands of our students follow this now!
4. Revision and Screen learning: One more interesting thing that we have added to our module is smart tab/ppt based learning. We train students using video content on tab/ppt in class on a daily basis in some courses while we provide video back up in login for all our centers. These are healthy revision tools. Students can view the videos and revise MULTI-CAT methods at their own free time.

3. Exam and Prep motivation:

CAT Prep should have an anti-panic mechanism in place. We work this out two fold:

1. Personal Mentorship Program: (PMP): Every student gets to attend mentorship sessions with sectional experts and CAT experts from IIM A. Prep motivation and periodic test feedback mechanisms are in place!

2. LOD defined mocks: Bingo! You heard it right – Bfactory has a total of 100 full mocks. 24 out of these 100 mocks are Level of Difficulty known mocks. You think your CAT might go bad if QA comes tough? Is it? Face your fears! Appear for QA difficult known full mock and win over your fears! 24 such LOD defined mocks to overcome the risk of exam day panic. This is the level of mind toning that we have achieved 🙂

4. Tab based TEST simulation:

Did you know that tab based sectional simulation course exists at Bfactory for all our students? This is different. Am sure you could feel the excitement of how it would feel getting simulation courses on sectional strategy 🙂

5. Add ons: 

Webinar add ons, active daily blog support 100 days before CAT, youtube channel, online plus offline library, doubt clearing portal and so much more!

Sample links:

With a strong league of CAT experts led by in class team of IIM Ahmedabad alumni, we believe we have created a whole new way of preparing for online CAT exam. We believe technology can be used to make experts out of aspirants. We are improving in making the perfect tech+ed concoction at our centers. With our students entering all top B schools – IIM A, B, C, L, XL and so on, we are on the path to transform CAT learning. The CAT prep with IIM A alumni module at Bfactory is for sure the correct way to prepare for online CAT 🙂

Best wishes to all CAT aspirants!

Rahul Anand
Director, Bfactory
Alumnus, IIM Ahmedabad, 2009-11

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