GA Preparation of TISSNET

TISSNET is a 100 marks exam of 100 minutes. This exam can be cracked through proper time management as the time allotted to each question is only one minute. From last few years there is no negative marking in all the sections which is very beneficial for the aspirants.

GK in TISSNET exam plays a very important role, as it gives 40% of total weightage. This is where many of the top percentile getters of other exam fail. TISS wants a different type of preparation. Earlier the questions used to be predominantly from the field of social sciences only but now they cover wider range of topics.

From last few years, around 18-20 questions are being asked on Static GK and remaining 10-12 questions are based on current affairs from last 8-10 months.

How to prepare?        

Take as many mocks as you can, solve previous years papers. It will also boost your confidence. Understanding the priority areas in the past could help to develop a more convergent approach. Practice will give you understanding of the required concepts and their fast application. This will improve your accuracy. Keep reading newspapers like Indian Express, TOI, ET or The Hindu. Daily reading will help you in getting comfortable with social issues and opinion formation. Practice making notes of current news and Google around those news to memorize important information.

Following are the topics on which TISSNET GA section mainly focuses on:

  • Environmental and ecology
  • Politics , History, Governance, Law
  • Economy Policy
  • International Politics
  • Gender, Health, Education
  • Labour
  • Sports
  • Media
  • Art, Literature, Culture

A sincere and disciplined approach towards general knowledge, both static and current, together with a keen follow up of current affairs will be very beneficial in preparations for this section.

Happy learning!

Rita Shahdeo

Center Head

Bfactory, Ranchi




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