DILR Concept 9: Input Output

Hello students! Welcome to DILR concept 9.

Concept name: Input Output

Concept explanation: In these type of questions, arrangement of Words or Letters or Numbers or combination of these three will be given. Different operations will be provided according to which words or letters will re-arrange themselves in a particular pattern. These operations will be performed until the final arrangement is reached. One has to identify the pattern in each question and has to solve the question accordingly. Generally four types of question are asked from this topic:

  1. Ordering – Alphabetically or increasing/decreasing order.
  2.  Mathematical manipulation – The pattern can be of any mathematical input. Like adding, multiplication etc.
  3. Shifting – This constitutes Shifting or Changing of the Words/Letters/Numbers.
  4. Others – Replacing numbers or alphabets with corresponding alphabets or numbers respectively etc.

Sample set: Read the information given below and answer the questions that follows:

A word arrangement machine, when given an input line of words, rearrange the following a particular rule. Following presents the input and steps generate as per this rule:

Input:       Go for to though by easy to access at

Step I:      Access go for to though by easy to at

Step II:     Access at go for to though by easy to

Step III:    Access at by go for to though easy to

Step IV:    Access at by easy go for to though to

Step V:     Access at by easy for go to though to

Step VI:    Access at by easy for go though to to

(Step VI is the last step for this input.) As per the rules followed in the above steps, find out in the given questions the appropriate step for the given input.

Q1. Input: ” Story for around on was he at “.

Which of the following will be Step IV for the given input?

a. Around at for he on was story

b. Around at for he on story was

c. Around at for he story on was

d. Around at he for story on was

Q2. Input: ” Every ant peer to an for “.

Which of the following steps would the last step for this input?

a. II

b. III

c. IV

d. V

 Q3. Step II of an input is as follows: ” Do and pet to on that “.

a. Do on pet to and that

b. Do pet to and that on

c. Do and pet to on that

d. Cannot be determined



A quick glance at the last steps gives us an idea that words have been arranged alphabetically 1st and if the 1st letter is same, the 2nd letter decides the order of occurrence. This sequencing is also known as sequencing based upon dictionary usage.

Solution 1:

Step I    = Around story for on was he at

Step II   = Around at story for on was he

Step III  = Around at for story on was he

Step IV  = Around at for he story on was

Hence (c) is the correct answer.

Solution 2:

Step I   = an every ant peer to for

Step II  = an ant every peer to for

Step III = an ant every for peer to

This is the last step for this input as all the words are alphabetically arranged now. Hence (b) is the correct answer.

Solution 3:

We cannot go back to input from any step in any question set that is based upon some reasoning. Hence (d) is the correct answer.


Hope you understood solving questions on Input Output.

Happy learning!

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