DILR Concept 8: Clocks

Hello students! Welcome to DILR Concept 8

Concept name:– Clocks

Concept explanation:   In one hour minute hand travel 360o and Hour hand travel 30o  

Sample set: Read the information given below and answer the questions that follows:

Q) At what times between 4’0 Clock and 5’0 Clock, will the hour hand and minute hand be 87o apart from each other for the first time?

Ans. At 4’0 Clock, the minute and hour hand are 120o apart. So the Relative speed between both hands = 330o/hr. They need to travel relatively 33o so that angle becomes 87o

Time =  (33/330)hrs =  (1/10) hr = (1/10) * 60 mins = 6 mins

So time will be 4:06

Level of difficulty: Easy

Hope you understood solving questions on Clocks

Happy learning!

Rahul Sir

CAT Coach

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