DILR Concept 2: Sitting Arrangement

Hello students! Welcome to DILR Concept 2

Concept name:Sitting Arrangement

Concept explanation: Here, a particular sitting arrangement is explained. One needs to identify the positions and persons sitting on particular positions by going through the constraints one by one.

Sample set: Read the information given below and answer the questions that follows:

Twelve people Aashu, Abhishek, Feroz, Himanshu, Jatin, Manoj, Mohit, Sajid, Saral, Shivku, Tarun and Vijay are sitting at a rectangular table. The table has 12 chairs numbered from 1 to 12 (see figure) and each chair is occupied by one of the 12 people (not necessarily in the same order). Some additional information is given below:

  • Manoj, sitting at chair number 1, is diagonally opposite Feroz who is sitting opposite Himanshu.
  • Jatin is sitting opposite Saral who is the only person sitting between Abhishek and Vijay.
  • Aashu is sitting opposite Tarun who is the only person sitting between Feroz and Shivku

1. If Shivku is not sitting opposite Vijay, then who is sitting next to Manoj?

(a) Abhishek              (b)  Jatin                              (c)  Vijay               (d)  Either Jatin or Vijay

  1. How many different seating arrangements are possible if Manoj is not sitting next to Vijay?

(a)Two                        (b)  Three                          (c)  Four               (d)  Six


Statement 1 indicates that Feroz and Himanshu are at seat number 7 and 6 respectively.

Tarun is the only person between Feroz and Shivku while Aashu is opposite Tarun (Statement 3). Hence, Aashu, Tarun and Shivku must be at seat number 5, 8 and 9 respectively. From Statement 2 we get the following figures that depict the possible seating arrangements for the 12 people:

  1. d. If Shivku is not sitting opposite Vijay then either Vijay (from figure 1) or Jatin (from figure 2) is sitting next to Manoj.
  1. d. If Manoj is not sitting next to Vijay then there are six possible arrangements (2 from figure 1 and 4 from figure 2).

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Hope you understood applying constraints and decoding sitting arrangement

Happy learning!

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