CLAT-BBA-IPM Solving Article DAY 18

Hello students, try solving these questions.

Given below are a few foreign language phrases which are commonly used. Choose the correct meaning for each of the phrases.

  1. Ex officio
    1. By virtue of previously held position
    2. Former official
    3. By virtue of office
    4. Outside the office


  1. Ultra vires
    1. Within powers
    2. Full powers
    3. Near powers
    4. Beyond powers


  1. Quid pro quo
    1. Something for nothing
    2. Something for something
    3. Everything for something
    4. Something for everything



  1. By virtue of office
  2. Beyond powers
  3. Something for something


Level: Difficult

Happy learning!!!

Signing off,

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Academic Research Associate, BFactory

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