CLAT-BBA-IPM Solving Article Day 15

Hello students, try solving these questions. The questions might seem easy but accuracy is the differentiating factor in such questions. These questions will check your command on Grammar.

  1. They always give the available seats to ___________comes.

(a) Whoever

(b) whichever

(c) whom

(d) whomever


  1. A fire broke ________ in the neighborhood.

(a) out

(b) away

(c) off

(d) from


  1. Professor Ahmed _____ teaching us _______ August, 2012.

(a) Had been, since

(b) Has been, since

(c) Was, for

(d) Has been, for



  1. Whoever
  2. Out
  3. Has been, since (‘Since’ is used when fixed time is given).


Level: Easy

Happy learning!!!

Signing off,

Binit Gourav,

Academic Research Associate, BFactory

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