CAT Reading Analysis Vlog Series by Bfactory

Article 1: An Introduction to CAT Reading

CAT Reading speed and comprehension can be improved with increase in reading focus. But often CAT aspirants find it difficult to get that focus going! To improve your CAT reading effectiveness and efficiency, you need to work on RC articles in a proper fashion: using the right methods, practicing the right way! Welcome to the RC Vlog series!

What is this Vlog series all about? Reading Analysis Vlog series is a Verbal Reading Comprehension Improvement video blog series where experts will show you how RC reading should be done in the exam.

How to make the best use of this series?

Step1: Attempt: We will share a CAT RC article with you. We will give the expected reading time. You go through it and write down the central ideas of all paragraphs in the given time.

Step2: Check: Go through the video analysis by experts and learn! We will be sharing Vlogs in this series with you for the next 9 days! Different CAT experts will share their article analysis with you!

Attempt, watch, learn => excel!

To kick start the series, let me share a reading fundamental video with you. Watch this video before you start the Vlog learning from the next article in this series!

See you with RC analysis videos!

Happy learning!
Rahul Sir
Teacher and Mentor for CAT, Bfactory
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