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Dear CAT 22 takers

Hope you enjoyed  taking the exam .The paper was pretty much as expected. Total number of questions remained same as last year – 66. Section wise question division also did not change: VA – 24, DILR – 20, QA – 22.

What was the major difference from CAT 2021?

No Odd one Out in the Verbal Section => Fill in the blanks (sentence fitting/para completion type).

In this analysis article based on first level feedback from takers, I will talk about the following aspects of the exam:

  1. Sectional Overview (Question numbers and types)
  2. Overall Sentiment of test takers (Overview)

1st response from slot1:

CAT2022 Slot3 contrasted with CAT2022 Slot1 and 2:

Further, details on the overall paper/slots will be discussed in this Youtube Analysis session by Kamlesh Sir(Cofounder, Bfactory & IIM Ahmedabad alumnus) and me at 8:15 pm, tonight. Link:

Sectional Overview: (40 minutes each section)

Section  No. of Question Level of Difficulty
Verbal Ability 24 Easy to read. Moderately difficult to infer/solve. RC Reading was abstract and lengthy. So, a bit tricky. Section Level: Moderate
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 20 2 set easy, 1 doable, 1 difficult. Overall 4 sets X 5 questions format. Overall: Moderately difficult.
Quantitative Ability 22 Arithmetic heavy with some Algebra. A touch from modern Maths. Geometry. Questions were a bit lengthy in solving – but more or less expected pattern. Level: Moderate
Overall 66 Moderate Level


Topic/Subject Wise Level of Difficulty

SECTION Module DETAILS Level of Difficulty
VA RC 4 RCs as expected. Reading: doable, Questions: bit tricky: inference and critical reasoning based. 1 para on Indian culture, 1 on nature and so on. Overall, 3 RCs were easy to read, 1 was tricky to read as well. Well read students could have done that too. Moderate.
VR Fill in the blanks was a surprise in terms of question type; but doable if you had time. Para Jumbles and Summary were doable. No surprises there. Easy to moderate.
DILR DILR Sets on tabular DI, games and tournaments and numeric logic. Moderate to difficult. Selection was the key. Not much surprise there.
QA QA Arithmetic loaded. Mensuration, Algebra was there too, Modern Maths were also present. Geometry less again. Slight lengthy to solve. Doable; selection important. Moderate.


Overall sentiment of test takers:

The paper did not have a lot of surprise in it. Many takers liked the fact that they had to chose from only 4 DILR sets. That made selection and attempting more comfortable. Some takers found VRC reading slightly lengthy; more so found questions a bit indirect. Overall students found the VA paper doable. QA sentiment was moderate – a bit lengthy to solve; selection was the key. Those students who could select and solve will score well.

Score Prediction (First cut | Exam day) | Score

Refer to article on Slot1. Exact/more precise judgement on percentile will done after paper release:

What next?

Take a chill pill guys .Relax a bit. May be take a couple of days off studies. Gear up for any upcoming exams then. XAT, other exams, GDPI is the next stage. Remember, the journey begins and not ends at CAT.

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Wishing you all the best!

Rahul Sir

Trainer and Co-founder, Bfactory

Alumnus, 2009-11, IIM Ahmedabad

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