CAT 2020 Analysis

CAT 2020 Analysis by Bfactory

I will discuss the pluses and minuses. I will talk about the predictions. But let’s come to it later.

Let me start with 4 things which surprised many CAT aspirants in the exam hall.

  1. 66.66% time compared to last year, but 76% questions. It meant less time per question.
  2. Length of the passages in verbal section were large despite reduce in per question time.
  3. Slightly lengthier and lesser proportion of Arithmetic Questions.
  4. More than expected easy to solve LR sets.

Let’s now talk about 4 things which were just as expected.

  1. Mix of contemporary and old school passages in VRC: 1 difficult read, 3 easier ones.
  2. Reasoning based DI LR section – less on calculations, more on arrangements and structuring.
  3. Questions on log and quadratic equation. We always tell at Bfactory that these topics are gaining importance over Number System etc.
  4. Overall level of the paper: +- in sections, but overall as expected.

Summing up:

VA RC 4 RCs. History, Literature, Science, Philosophy etc. based. Passage reading relatively easy.1 difficult passage. 3 easy to read. But lengthy  Questions: slightly tricky.
VR 8 questions. Para Jumbles, Odd one Out, Para Summary – lengthy, easy to moderate.
DILR DILR 5 sets || LR based overall – moderate. Arrangements, Matrix formation, Numeric Logic, Set Theory, Arithmetic based sets
QA ARITHMETIC Little less compared to last years. 7-8 questions. Bit lengthy. Moderate
ALGEBRA Little more compared to last years. 6-7 questions || Quadartic, Log, Indices. Easy to moderate
GEOMETRY 3-5 questions. Similar in representation. Slightly lengthy. Geo and Mensuration
HIGHER MATHS 3-4 questions from Permutation Combination, Functions, Graphs.


Based on first hand CAT experience of our faculty team, students and level of difficulty reviews taken in consideration, this is our prediction for CAT 2020. #PercentileVScore

99+ 48 36 45 113
98+ 43 34 40 102
95+ 35 28 30 86
90+ 31 25 25 72
85+ 26 22 22 64
80+ 22 18 19 56


We have been highly accurate over the years in this prediction analytics. We expect minimal fluctuation in these numbers(+-3–4%).

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