Bfactory CAT 2018 analysis

Hello CAT 18 slot 1 takers!

Here comes the first hand analysis of the CAT 2018 Slot-1 paper by the Bfactory directors, Mr.Rahul Anand and Mr.Kamlesh Chauhan.

As we all know CAT is an aptitude exam and it is divided into three sections- Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation/Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Ability each containing 34,32 and 34 questions respectively. This year the paper overall was a level up compared to last year.

Let’s have a look at the individual sections :


This section contains a total of 34 questions(Reading Comprehension- 24 and Verbal Reasoning- 10).The format this year was way different for this section. There were 4 passages with 5 questions each and 1 passage with 4 questions and the level was similar to that of last year. In the Verbal Reasoning section there were parajumbles (4Q),odd one out(3Q) and para summary(3Q) which was easier than last year. Overall it was comparatively easier to both the sections.

VRC were easy to read with 4-5/24 questions having confusing options. Overall VRC can be classified on RC basis as 2 easy, 2 moderate and 1 difficult. VR was easier in the sense that PJs had shorter sentences and 4 sentences as compared to 5 last few years. Overall, this section was a bit easier compared to CAT 2016 and CAT 2017.

Expect 90 percentile around 51 marks and 99 percentile around 77 marks in the section.


This section contains a total of 32 questions having different varieties of questions including arrangements, caselets, . graphs etc. This year the level was moderate to difficult. There were 8 sets having sets on table,graph,matrix,team formation.

Selection was again very important. There were 2-3 sets which had to identified and gunned down. Rest were not easy to solve in the time frame. Overall, the section was tough but a bit easier compared to CAT 2017.

Expect 90 percentile around 30 marks and 99 percentile around 48 marks in the section.


This sections contains a total of 34 questions. There were around 7-8 questions from geometry, 10-11 questions from arithmetic, 2-3 questions from log. There were rare direct questions. Even arithmetic had bits of moderate level mixture alligation questions which made the overall feel higher than CAT 2017. Sectional scores will go lower than the last year.

Expect 90 percentile at around 30 score and 99 percentile around 50 score in this section.

Detailed prediction chart(CAT 2018 slot 1):

Percentile VA DILR QA Overall
80 42 21 21 79
85 47 24 25 88
90 51 30 30 99
95 61 35 35 119
99 72 48 48 148
99.5 77 56 57 163


With 2 sections being on the higher side in difficulty, accuracy will hold the key in your result! 

Here are first hand responses from some students/content/trainers members at Bfactory:

Gajendra,”Maths was difficult compared to last year. Overall could attempt 5 less than last year”

Bhavika,”VA was easy, DILR as expected – 2/3 solvable, QA was a bit of shock but geometry was easy”

Debayan,”QA was tough. English was solvable. DILR similar”

This was our first take recording after we left the CAT center:

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