Are you a college student? Expert guide on how to STUDY WELL FROM HOME

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Don’t let Corona scare hinder your studies. This article is a perspective on how you can utilize your off-college time to maximize your academic learning.

Self learning is an indulgence. Due to Corona scare, most colleges and coaching classes have cancelled the offline classroom programs. This gives you extra time to study at home. Those who utilize this time best will end up winners. It is about turning adversity to opportunity.

I train students for competitive examinations like CAT, XAT, campus placements etc. So, I am writing this article keeping these exams in mind. Other students reading this article can take a general guideline from the article. So, coming to the point: How to best SELF STUDY from home?

If you have placements coming in the next 1-6 months, then you can utilize this time by making your own plan. Planning is the first step to successful project management. Treat your self study task as a project to maximum utilize your time for self development.

  1. some tech specific online course
  2. some placement aptitude practice
  3. some online reading: to improve comprehension, current affairs, industry know how etc.
  4. brushing up topics for your college semester exams or top of the mind subjects for campus placements.
  5. etc. etc.

Now, suppose this plan has been made. Next step is scheduling. Think of your typical month, week and day and make an easy to implement schedule – one that you can follow.

Giving a sample schedule format: hours are randomly taken. You can make a basic plan for a month and then divide it into a typical day.

So, looking at this daily schedule, you know that you are sitting with your studies at least 3 times a day – morning, evening and night. You know the tentative time to be given to each module as well. Breaking into parts and studying like this gives you a sense of excitement with changing topics. (keeps you away from monotony)

Last but not the least, Execution. You should make sure that the schedule works. To do so, try something as basic as a sticky note on your study table/laptop etc. Every night, paste a new note for what your targets for the next day are. During the day, keep ticking the targets. Repeat. Sense of accomplishment daily leads you the final accomplishments in life

Now, suppose you are a student who is preparing for a competitive examination like CAT/CSAT/CLAT etc. Attend online classes(in case your coaching is providing them in these times). Do books/assignments and read a lot. Again the rules of planning, scheduling and execution remain the same. Let me take CAT prep as an example here!

For a CAT aspirant, planning involves the following:

  1. List down topics with maximum marks in CAT – Arithmetic, VRC etc.
  2. List down sites/magazines to do regular reading from – aeon, guardian, frontline etc. – while reading, focus on two important things: central idea of a para and contextual learning of words.
  3. List down your online class timing
  4. List down all topics studied till now – to revise

Typically a CAT aspirant could divide a self study day into four parts:

  1. Reading – morning
  2. Revision – morning/noon
  3. Online class – noon/evening
  4. Book/Assignment solving – night

Now, spend 1-2 hours on each as per your available time. If you keep this basic study plan in mind, you will succeed! Remember, aptitude is about regular practice and spaced repetition. Don’t forget the daily sticky notes. You can keep a separate slot in the day for college studies.

Now, in general, let me talk about potential roadblocks to good self study when at home for long:

  1. Too much time spent on chatting, roaming etc
  2. Too much time spent on self and home chores
  3. Too much time spent on mobile/TV etc
  4. Too much time spent on overthinking “what to do”
  5. Studying on bed
  6. Loosing concentration while studying – due to disturbances around

So, keep these basic issues in check. A bit of all is fine. A lot is not. Try to control deterrents which can be controlled – as much as you can. Stay focused. Remember, self study is learning only when it is fun. Try to indulge.

Some things in the article might help you, some might be irrelevant to you. But one thing for sure, I have tried to make your realize that this off-college time is an opportunity.

You can always reach out to your guardians/mentors once a while to tell them about what and how you are studying. It is good to share with 1-2 people once a week or so. 1-2 people who understand your dreams and commitments.

Happy learning!

Stay safe and avoid social gatherings.

Your mentor!

Rahul Sir

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